Our Mission — Invest Nebraska Corporation

Who We Are

Invest Nebraska is led by a team experienced at growing early stage and lower middle market companies. We are committed to growing Nebraska’s economy by assisting entrepreneurs and investing capital in those companies that have growth potential. Collaboration with strategic partners, state government, communities, and post-secondary education institutions is important.

Our History

Invest Nebraska was created due to the passage of the Nebraska Venture Capital Forum Act, introduced in 2001 on behalf of then Governor Mike Johanns and passed by the Nebraska Legislature. Our founders were collaborators – representing Nebraska’s private sector, the University of Nebraska, and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.  Leaders in their own right, they envisioned an organization that assisted Nebraska’s diverse entrepreneurs, collaborated with investors, and showed flexibility in growing the state’s economy.

Early partners that accelerated the development of Invest Nebraska included the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Nebraska Investment Finance ity, the United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development, and the Hormel Family Foundation.

In 2010, Invest Nebraska ed a comprehensive report for the Nebraska Legislature’s Innovation and Entrepreneurial Task Force, which reviewed existing state programs, conducted ecosystem surveys, analyzed policies of other states, and made recommendations to improve Nebraska’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Many of those recommendations were included in the Business Innovation Act, introduced in 2011 on behalf of Governor Dave Heineman and passed unanimously by the Legislature. The fall of 2012 saw Invest Nebraska make its first equity investment under the Business Innovation Act.

Invest Nebraska continues to grow Nebraska’s economy by assisting entrepreneurs and investing capital in those companies that have high growth potential.